Our Mission: To help students find their love of learning!
Our Mission: To help students find their love of learning!

Tuition-Free K-8 Kansas Virtual School

Welcome to Maize Virtual Preparatory School

There are many reasons to educate your child outside the traditional classroom. A public virtual school provides an opportunity for parents who want to be more directly involved in their child’s education. Maize Virtual Preparatory School, a leadership academy, enables you to share the gift of your time and talent with your child. Our virtual school’s instructional model provides individualized learning plans designed to meet your child’s specific educational needs and goals.

The Maize Virtual Preparatory School offers free enrollment in a full-year program featuring the best of tradition and innovation in education. Students use the world-renowned Calvert curriculum, receive instructional oversight by highly qualified, state-certified teachers, and apply the latest technology for online learning.

The Benefits of Maize Virtual Preparatory School:
  • Tuition-free access to the time-tested, accredited Calvert program
  • Educational experience that is parent-driven, not computer-driven
  • Instruction supported by Kansas-certified teachers
  • Online interaction and collaboration within a virtual school community for your child
  • A curriculum with clearly defined academic objectives providing for individualized learning plans
  • Instructional technologies for 21st Century learning
  • The freedom to balance flexibility and structure for your family
Maize Virtual Preparatory school is an approved Kansas Virtual School.